Open Source

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OpenFin was created from the input of many people and is currently being used by several of the world’s leading banks, buy-side firms, and trading platforms. It only made sense to continue that collaboration effort by offering all of our source code as open source.

Open-sourcing enables others to help set the standard for interoperability of financial desktop applications and enhance the core product. Customers also have assurance and control over their applications as they use OpenFin for deployment. The foundation of OpenFin OS is built on the Hadouken open source project. We actively contribute to this project to support the core security and performance needs of enterprise-grade desktop applications. We are the most active contributor to the FINOS – financial open source – foundation, and critical portions of our IP is freely available under the Apache 2 license.

You can read more about why we made the decision to go open source here and view our code on Github!

Open Source

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