Connect to Bloomberg via InterApplicationBus

With the OpenFin Bloomberg Integration API, you can connect applications to the Bloomberg Terminal via the OpenFin InterApplicationBus (IAB).

To use the IAB, in place of calling connect(), call connectInterApplicationBus(); in addition to the same parameters used by connect(), you must also define a topic for the connection and an optional applicationId for the application to target.



If you do not specify an applicationId, all applications are targeted.

Any messages received over the IAB on the defined topic are considered to be a security; the security of the target panel or group are updated to match. When a source group security is changed, the new security is sent via the IAB as a message to the application matching the applicationId on the specified topic.

Example: Subscribe to an IAB topic with two applications

In the following example, two applications subscribe to the topic bbg-security.

// app1
// (security updates from Bloomberg received over IAB are output to the console)
fin.InterApplicationBus.subscribe({ uuid:'app2' }, 'bbg-security', console.log);

// app2
import { connectInterApplicationBus } from '@openfin/bloomberg';

Example: Create an IAB connection with a Launchpad group on a topic

The following example, creates an IAB connection on the topic bbg-security with the Group-A Launchpad group.

const connection = await connectInterApplicationBus(

// app1
// Update Bloomberg to 'TSLA US Equity' using IAB
fin.InterApplicationBus.send({ uuid:'app2' }, 'bbg-security', 'TSLA US Equity');

// or
fin.InterApplicationBus.publish('bbg-security', 'TSLA US Equity');

Clean up

Remember to clean up resources when you are finished with a connection.

// app2
await connection.close();

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