Ways to start OpenFin Home

The OpenFin Home app can be launched by the user or by a program.

User methods

Assuming Home is installed on the user's device, the user can invoke Home in these ways:

  • Press Ctrl+Space. This key combination also hides Home when it is open.
  • From an application, click a link where the URL starts with the fins scheme and references the location of Home. For example, fins://system-apps/workspace. The operating system starts the OpenFin RVM, which then evaluates the URL and launches Home.

Programmatic methods

There are two ways to launch Home a program using the OpenFin API, depending on whether workspace is already running.

  • If workspace is not running, you can launch a fins URL (as in the second user method) using the System.launchManifest() method. For example:

  • If workspace is already running, you can use the Window.wrapSync() method to get Home's window, and then show it.
    fin.Window.wrapSync({uuid: "openfin-browser", name: "openfin-home"}).show();

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