App & Dev Tools

  • API Examples - Webinar video - This Webinar provides an overview of the OpenFin platform and a hands-on demonstration of key OpenFin APIs
  • Build Your First App - A simple unopinionated Hadouken application template
  • Diagnostic API Guide - Guide for OpenFin APIs that are useful in diagnostics, debugging, and reporting on your application
  • Headless Launcher - Example for how to use the bootstrap "launcher" pattern to user target app versions and assets, create loading animations, and manage app lifecycles
  • Hosting Assets - This is the structure of the public directory, which mirrors the OpenFin CDN
  • Node OpenFin Config Builder - OpenFin-Config-Builder is a Node.js module that automates creating and updating OpenFin application config files
  • Node OpenFin Launcher - Allows the use of the Hadouken API from node.js
  • Node Script Recipe - Node.js Recipe demonstrating basic OpenFin build integration
  • Web to OpenFin - Taking a Hello World application from the web to OpenFin

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