Deploying Applications


OpenFin permits instant distribution by eliminating the long security reviews and post-release issues typically associated with traditional desktop software deployment. The way an OpenFin application gets deployed on a desktop is largely determined by the Desktop Owner. There are two installers that OpenFin offers to seamlessly deploy applications to a users desktop:

OpenFin Installer Generator Protocol handler (fin:// fins://)

This document covers the process and requirements for all of these options, including if one needs to package the OpenFin Runtime and OpenFin RVM for distribution using a corporate software distribution system like SCCM.

Note: Best Practices
As a best practice, it is recommended to use the OpenFin Installer to deploy applications as it includes the RVM which auto-updates, retrieves the application configuration file, automatically downloads the required Runtime version, and installs the desktop/Start menu shortcuts. This ensures that your application(s) will work to the fullest capacity with OpenFin. To learn more about the RVM, see Runtime Version Manager.

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