Getting Started Guide

Let's get you up and running with OpenFin!


The fastest and easiest way to get started with OpenFin is to properly install nodejs and npm on your machine. Once those steps are completed, you will be ready to install the OpenFin CLI and launch your first OpenFin application.

Install nodejs & npm

Follow the instructions for installing these tools

Node.js npm

Install OpenFin CLI

Now install the OpenFin CLI package for command line development:

npm install -g openfin-cli

Lets ensure the package was successfully installed by typing the following command:

openfin --help

For additional information, see our OpenFin CLI docs.

OpenFin App Seed

Now you are ready to get started with OpenFin’s app seed. This project explores some fundamental concepts of OpenFin’s API, these include:

  • Window and Tabbed Views
  • Snapshot saving and applying
  • Visual and behavioral customization
  • And much more...

1 - Clone the project

git clone

2 - Install the dependencies

npm install

3 - Launch the application

npm start

Alternatively, you can fire up your web application using the following command:

openfin --launch --url http://yourdomain



OpenFin’s JavaScript API and Platform API are key resources to leverage in building your OpenFin app.

Getting a Developer License

You need a Developer License to download, use, test, or build with any OpenFin Technology. The code in this section is covered by the OpenFin Developer License. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

License Configuration

Entering your licenseKey in your app.json is recommended to ensure proper technical support from OpenFin. Enter your organization’s licenseKey as a top-level property in your application’s manifest, as seen below.
If you are unsure of your organization’s licenseKey or would like to sign up for a 30-day trial, please contact us at [email protected].

    "licenseKey": "contract_identifier",
    "runtime": {
        "version": ""
    "startup_app": {
        "name": "MyApp",
        "uuid": "33aa9062-9eb0-4875-b819-c90f38ef03ea",
        "url": "http://localhost:8000/index.html",
        "autoShow": true,
        "defaultWidth": 500,
        "defaultHeight": 500

For additional information, see our Licensing docs.

Related topics

You now are able to launch the OpenFin runtime, modify the app configuration file to point to your web application, install and run a sample application, and edit that sample application to add functionality. The next step is to create an application that employs all of the functionality you need. To get started, you can use our Developer tutorials to learn how to implement features into your application such as window animation and inter-app messaging or preview our API reference guides to create your own features.

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