OpenFin CLI Tool

The OpenFin CLI tool is a package that allows you to do command line development in OpenFin OS without the hassle of utilizing a GUI. One of the simplest ways to get up and running on OpenFin is with the CLI tool. With this CLI tool you can install the OpenFin Runtime, launch applications with a URL or configuration file, create Windows installers, and create configuration files.

You can read more details and preview examples of how to utilize the CLI tool on Github.

CLI tool prerequisites

Node and npm are required to install the CLI tool, but it is not required for creating an OpenFin application. We recommend a global installation (-g), as written in the installation information below, for ease of use.


You agree to the Developer License to download, use, test, or build with any OpenFin Technology. The code in this section is covered by the OpenFin Developer License. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Install and test OpenFin CLI tools

Write the following commands into your terminal:

  1. Write the install command to download and install the OpenFin CLI Tool.
npm install -g openfin-cli
  1. To test your application, you will need to auto-generate an app.json file and specify the URL of your hosted webapp. Write the launch command to generate the file and point it to your hosted webapp. This host url will appear in your configuration file.
openfin --launch --url
  1. Each application you create will need an manifest file. doesn’t have an application configuration file. Since the CLI tool did not find one, it auto-generated an app.json in the directory from which you ran the command. From here, launch the again with:
openfin --launch --config app.json

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Now that you have the CLI tools installed you can begin taking advantage of the OpenFin APIs to enhance your web applications and give them a desktop feel. Follow our sample application tutorial in our Getting Started section or begin creating your application with one of our API guides.

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