OpenFin is primarily an environment that runs on a desktop or other device, so most OpenFin APIs are provided as libraries or packages local to the system they run on. Only the Log Manager API is a REST API, accessed over an Internet connection.

If you are looking for documentation on OpenFin library APIs, refer to the links below:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
    • Workspace API supports search via Home, providing content via Store, quick access via Dock, and notifications via Notification Center.
    • Workspace Platform API support customizing Browser, managing workspace data, and services such as authentication
    • Container API provides all the functionality needed for running and managing applications in the OpenFin environment, including integrated native applications.
    • The Platform API subset of the Container API manages views and windows, including creating and laying them out, as well as capturing and restoring "snapshots" of the state of a set of windows.
    • The Channel API for asynchronous, 2-way secure communications between applications.
    • OpenFin Interop API for managing context groups and workflows.
    • OpenFin FDC3 client library for FDC3-compliant access to the OpenFin Interop API.
    • OpenFin Excel integration API
    • OpenFin Salesforce integration API
  • .NET adapter for OpenFin
  • Java adapter for OpenFin