Features and Benefits

Digital Transformation

As the pace of legacy migration quickens, OpenFin offers a modern web solution for the financial desktop and a bridge to get there. By leveraging new technologies and open source code, stakeholders take control of the development and desktop experience without compromising the stability of a unified system.

  • Developers are empowered to build modern web apps that can run with native experience, yet be deployed and updated from the cloud
  • Info-sec teams and desktop administrators get a sandboxed target for apps where they can control all critical aspects of security
  • End users get the apps they need on their desktops now, with the app experience and productivity they enjoy on their mobile devices. With OpenFin, everyone benefits

End Users

User Experience

In the financial industry, desktop optimization is vital for end users. Without a dependable user interface that permits apps to work together, end users lose valuable time on repetitive, manual tasks. OpenFin breaks away from the confines of the common native app interface to enable seamless workflow management for end users.

With OpenFin, end users can

  • Effortlessly engage with all apps in one unified workspace
  • Create a unique desktop environment by organizing windows & views into logical workspaces with our Platform API
  • Automate repetitive tasks with app interoperability


Developer Experience

Up to 50% of development time and testing is spent on cross-browser compatibility. Up to 70% of production problems are related to browser issues. Questions of cost and time can stifle innovation. OpenFin eradicates these issues by leveraging new Fintech innovation and capabilities without siloing developers to specific platforms.

With OpenFin, developers can:

  • Leverage FDC3, an open source standard that enables interoperability across the financial desktop
  • Eliminate long development schedules by enabling true iterative development
  • Create multiple apps with one engine that works seamlessly on all platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux - to drastically reduce cost for new functionality and make improvements, revisions, and innovations more dynamic
  • Integrate legacy apps into an updated, conscious workflow. OpenFin tools work hand-in-hand with every other application, whether it’s brand-new software or critical legacy tech
  • Share data organically. Fields populate in real time across multiple apps. Research, analytics, price feeds, chat, order books and more create a landscape of interwoven cross-functionality that enables you to spend more time executing and less time doing digital chores manually


With OpenFin, apps are secure by default. Apps are completely partitioned from the native OS – and each other – with sandboxing. Preventing vulnerabilities that can compromise the end user’s desktop and eliminating the need for never-ending security reviews that draw out deployment timelines.

Conventional wisdom has it that slow change equals security. But Google alone delivers major new versions of Chromium every 6 weeks and additional security fixes in between. OpenFin’s engineering team does the hard work of keeping up with Google, making it easy for you to instantly push security fixes and to ensure backward compatibility of your apps.


OpenFin eliminates deployment issues that are common in native desktop development. Long deployment schedules affect not only the developer, but the end user as well.

With OpenFin, developers can:

  • Eliminate long deployment schedules thanks to technology that allows immediate updates and remote debugging
  • Seamlessly deploy to thousands of desktops at once
  • Deploy anywhere, at anytime and choose when to update, even on a customer’s desktop

There are also plenty of ways to deploy. Whether it’s a single app or an entire enterprise of apps that need to be deployed, OpenFin has a solution.

Group Policy

Manually setting desktop policy and monitoring security desktop-by-desktop is not only a headache, but a potential security threat. OpenFin tackles this issue by offering a wholesale solution for desktop administrative tasks.

With OpenFin, desktop administrators can

  • Restrict and allow native apps with OpenFin APIs
  • Control which domains an OpenFin application can target for resource assets
  • Manage an app’s ability to programmatically read the system clipboard or launch an external process

Desktop admins can manage all of these settings through the Desktop Owner Settings file, making it as easy as possible to keep end user desktops secure.

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