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Get Started

OpenFin is a web runtime and operating environment designed for enterprise app development.

Set Up Your Dev Environment

Get your environment set up to run example code, configure Workspace, or build an app from scratch.

Get Started →

Add Your App to Workspace

Our quick start guide describes three distinct JSON configurations required to add your application to the OpenFin Workspace.

Workspace Quickstart →

Build a Native Web App

Build your own workspace solution with our APIs. Check out our our Seed Project to get started.

Platform Seed →

Integrate .NET & Java Apps

Integrate your .NET and Java apps with web apps. Our use case suggestions are the best place to start.

Adapters →

OpenFin Products

OpenFin Workspace

OpenFin Workspace is a full featured work environment including Home, Browser, Notification Center & Content Store.

Workspace →

OpenFin APIs

Launch a platform, create a window, add a view, launch content, configure a layout, save and restore a snapshot.

Container →

Interoperability and FDC3

OpenFin includes a fast, secure desktop messaging system that supports multiple interoperability strategies.

Interoperability →

Notification Center

Notification Center provides a uniform way to create and organize and respond to notification.

Notifications →

Adapters for .NET & Java

OpenFin's native language adapters enable seamless integrations with your existing and your new web applications.

Adapters →

Developer Tooling

Notification Studio

Use our no-code solution to generate templates to test and build notifications.

Generate a Notification →

OpenFin CLI

Use our command line tool to simply develop without the hassle of GUI.

Install the CLI →

Testing & Debugging

Developer tooling to support with testing and debugging.

Testing & Debugging →

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