What is OpenFin?

OpenFin is a runtime and operating environment designed for enterprise app development. Built on web standards, OpenFin dramatically enhances the capabilities of web apps, enabling end-user experience and enterprise controls well beyond what is possible with browsers like Chrome and Edge or with frameworks like Electron and Chromium Embedded Framework.

We offer a customizable platform solution through OpenFin Workspace or the ability to build from scratch using APIs provided by OpenFin Container. Whichever path you choose, OpenFin dramatically improves the desktop experience by securely connecting disparate apps and content in intuitive, efficient, and meaningful ways.


Diagram of OpenFin's basic architecture (click to enlarge)

The architecture consists of three large boxes: (1) customer servers, (2) workspace platform app, and (3) Workspace. The customer servers (box #1) contain multiple views, an app registry, and authentication or other custom servers. The Workspace Platform App (box #2) contains Platform App provided by the customer, which loads the views and apps from customer servers, and communicates with the authentication and custom servers. The platform app works with the Browser SDK to control OpenFin Browser, and with the Workspace SDK to control OpenFin Workspace (box #3), which consists of Home, Dock, Store, and Notification Center.

Read on to get started working with OpenFin.

Set up your development environment

With OpenFin Workspace and the OpenFin Container, the primary developer experience focuses on connecting modern web applications together in a secure way in Windows 10. Learn what tools you need to use.
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Learn more about Workspace apps

Workspace apps organize and connect content across the desktop with Home, Browser, Notification Center and Content Store.
Workspace overview

Integrate .NET and Java apps

Learn how to easily adapt your .NET and Java apps with the OpenFin ecosystem.
Adapters overview


Learn to enable interoperability to connect apps across the desktop.
Interoperability overview

Create notifications

Generate notifications using the Notification Studio tool, and integrate them in your application.
Notifications Center overview