Hosting assets


The RVM has several responsibilities, one of which is to manage the downloading of OpenFin binaries from the OpenFin default repository While OpenFin’s cloud leverages the highest security standards, some companies do not allow downloading of binaries from outside of their network, therefore, the RVM can be configured through desktop owner or local registry settings to use an internal asset repository specified by the company.

Here is an example of how to configure your own internal CDN.

  1. Using Desktop Owner Settings as below.


    "desktopSettings": {
        "assetsUrl": ""
  1. Using Group Policy and Registry

Purpose: Globally set an assetsUrl
Data Type: String (REG_SZ)
Expected Value: A URL to the server that is hosting the assets.
Default Value:
Value: –http://YourAssetServer
Result: RVM and Runtime assets will be retrieved from your specified asset server as opposed to the OpenFin asset repository.

RVM Assets Server Setup

The RVM expects the server located at "assetsUrl" to have a similar file structure to the following:

Runtime Structure

  • x32 Bit rootFolder/runtime/version
  • x64 Bit rootFolder/runtime/x64/version

RVM Structure

  • rootFolder/rvm/latestVersion


  • Every file with a version in the name represents an extensionless zip of a runtime version
  • The other files are extensionless text files that contain a mapping to a version. For example, the content of alpha can be:
  • When you access a release channel, the RVM resolves the version and then tries to download the actual file
  • 15.80.49 + will try to download x64 Bit versions by default


  • latest is an extensionless zip file that contains the latest RVM version
  • latestVersion is an extensionless text file that lists the version number
  • If the latest version is greater than the current one, the RVM performs an auto-update

You can obtain all the files from our versions page.

OpenFin Deployment Architecture

For firms that do not permit downloading OpenFin software, OpenFin provides the flexibility to host OpenFin assets internally.

A Github repo can be cloned and downloaded to give you an example of how to implement internal hosting.

Asset Hosting:


For more information or support related to OpenFin deployment or asset hosting please contact [email protected].