Manage Notification Center in an enterprise

Once you have set up Notification Center and configured your app to send notifications, you are ready to ship it.


You must have at least the following versions of OpenFin software:

  • RVM: 6.0
  • Notification Center app: 0.12.10
  • Notification Center npm library: 0.12.10



Versions of Notification Center older than 0.12.10 use the service model for notifications, which is deprecated.

Manage versions

To control the version of Notification Center for your users, you specify the version in a Desktop Owners File. Add an entry that looks like the following:

  "desktopSettings": {
    "systemApps": {
        "notification-center": {
          "version": "1.20"

Starting in Workspace v13, the OpenFin Core package is a peer dependency for Notification Center. See also Manage versions of Workspace.

Application logging

Prior to version 1.4, Notification Center used OpenFin's application logging feature, in which console messages are written to a log file and sent to an encrypted file server. Versions 1.4 and later do not use this feature. If you need to disable application logging and you are unable to upgrade to a version that does not use logging, please contact [email protected] for assistance.