Multiple platforms in Notification Center

Starting in Workspace 10, we've improved the user experience to display the same platform across all Workspace components if you register multiple platform providers. In Notification Center, things work a bit differently, but you can let your users work with the same Notification Center.

How it works

In previous versions, you could call only the toggleNotificationCenter function to let your users show or hide Notification Center. Starting in Workspace 10, you can call the new show and hide functions for more precise control over your user experience. The show function also takes an optional ShowOptions.navigateToAll property that lets you configure Notification Center to display all registered platforms.

See also the API reference documentation.

Otherwise, Notification Center displays the platform the user was previously viewing, regardless of which platform they're viewing in other Workspace components.


To display all registered Workspace platforms in Notification Center, add the following:

import {show} from 'openfin-notifications';
show({navigateToAll: true});