Customize Workspace

OpenFin Workspace provides default settings for components, but you can customize many of them to meet your organization's requirements. Here's what you can do.

Work offline

Workspace applications and components require a connection with OpenFin's CDN the first time a desktop starts Workspace. Thereafter, however, Workspace applications can run offline, relying entirely on the runtime cache. The cache path looks like C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\OpenFin\cache\\Default\Service Worker\CacheStorage\{YOUR_APP_HASH}.

Create custom themes

You can customize the colors of the user interface components used in Browser, Home, and Store by defining and registering a theme for a workspace platform.

For more information, see Workspace themes with color-picking.

You can also define the colors that are used for interoperable context sharing with color linking. See Interoperability in OpenFin Workspace.

Customize search results in Home

You can write your own templates to customize the way search results appear in Home. See Customize search results in Home.

Create custom storefronts to display in Store

Your platform can include your own content storefronts (storefront providers) to display in OpenFin Store. See Store overview.

Customize Browser features

In Workspace 6.0 and later, you can customize the behavior of Browser elements, the entire window and its elements, the page or pages within a window and their elements, and the toolbar and its elements and options. See Customize Browser features.

Customize workspace management in Browser

In Workspace 7.0 and later, users can save, rename, or delete a workspace, and switch workspaces. Developers can also control whether users can save workspaces or workspace elements (pages or views).

See Workspace management in browser.

Customize user interactions with workspaces

Starting in Workspace 12.6, you can disable the confirmation dialog that appears when users switch workspaces. You can also keep a specified workspace open when users switch to a different workspace. See Options for switching workspaces.

Integrate and customize Notification Center

You can write templates to integrate notifications with your Workspace app and customize them to match your look and feel. See Connect a Workspace Platform to Notification Center.