Interactions in a notification

You can configure user interactions in a notification for:

These elements all depend on the Actions module, which lets you respond to events that are generated by any of the following:

  • The action triggers associated with the onClick property of buttons or actionable fragments

  • The onSelect property of the notification body

  • Form validation or submission

How it works

You provide a NotificationActionResult object -- represented as CustomData -- for the onClick property of a button or actionable fragment, or for the onSelect property of the body of the notification. This generates an event of type notification-action you configure your application to receive.

If you do not specify NotificationActionResult, for example for the case where a button represents a "dismiss" or "cancel" action, a notification-closed event is generated. For a complete list of events, see the API reference for addEventListener. These events are types of the NotificationActionEvent interface.

You configure your application to receive events with the addEventListener function, and define the application behavior to respond with as part of the function.

For forms, the event types are notification-form-submitted and notification-form-values-changed. See the Forms article for details about how to configure a form, its special button properties, and its event listeners.

The following example:

  • Creates a notification that defines the onSelect and buttons.onClick properties with custom data

  • Defines the related addEventListener to respond when the user selects the body of the notification or clicks the actionable button

The following example shows how to construct a notification that includes a button with the onClick property. It also configures the sending application to listen for the associated event.

import {addEventListener, create} from "openfin-notifications";

// Create notification to remind and link to an external calendar event
  // note that this is a reminder about an external event, not the notification itself
  title: "Reminder",
  body: "Event "Weekly Meeting" is starting soon...",

  // custom data about the notification itself, not the user interaction
  customData: {
    eventId: "12345"

  // register an "onSelect" event for when the user selects the body of the notification
  // sends the user to the external calendar application
  onSelect: {
    task: "view-calendar-event",
    target: "popup"

  buttons: [
    // Button schedules another reminder for 5 minutes later
    // this reminder is sent from the external application, not the notifications app 
      title: "Snooze for 5 minutes",
      iconUrl: "",
      cta: true,
      // application defined properties and data
        task: "schedule-reminder",
        intervalMs: 5 * 60 * 1000

    // Button closes notification and doesn"t reprompt the user
      title: "Dismiss",
      iconUrl: ""

// Create a listener that is called for each action
addEventListener("notification-action", (event: NotificationActionEvent) => 
  } = event;

  if (result["task"] === "view-calendar-event") 
    // Open a window with full details of the associated event
    openEventDetails(notification.customData.eventId, result["target"]);
  else if (result["task"] === "schedule-reminder") 
    // Schedule a new notification
      notification.customData.eventId, + result["intervalMs"]
  } // Etc...