Overview of .NET and Java integration

Today's financial desktop is made up an assortment of mission critical applications written in C# and Java. OpenFin's native language adapters for .NET and Java provide a path for seamless integrations with native applications and applications built with web technologies.

With OpenFin, JavaScript apps and native apps can easily:

  • Share data and context with one another across process boundaries to deliver powerful automated workflows
  • Generate notifications for a seamless and unified experience
  • Leverage native API capabilities from native applications while seamlessly connecting to the OpenFin environment

OpenFin offers the following adapters for integrating .NET- and Java-based applications into the OpenFin ecosystem.

  • OpenFin for .NET (6+) provides a modern approach to .NET programming, with components to support specific areas of the OpenFin APIs. This is the recommended adapter for use in new .NET integrations.
  • OpenFin for .NET Framework supports integration with legacy .NET applications built using .NET Framework.
  • OpenFin for Java supports integration with Java applications.