How to migrate from the FDC3 service to the OpenFin FDC3 API

If you want to migrate your existing application to OpenFin's new FDC3 support, it can be done with relative ease.

You can remove several FDC3 steps from your existing code:

  • Because OpenFin provides a built-in DesktopAgent (called the Interop Broker) and automatically connects applications to the Interop Broker, you can remove all DesktopAgent connection logic.
  • The Broker is taken care of for you, so you don’t need that code for your contexts and App Channels.

You will have to provide your own UI for channel and grouping logic, however.

Differences from the FDC3 service

This update to FDC3 support is in active development, so we have a few notes for developers:

  • There is no Global channel.
  • To keep the FDC3 implementation simple and easy to use, an entity can only broadcast and listen to context on its own system channel.
  • Applications can listen and broadcast on multiple app channels.
  • fdc3.addContextListener parameters are reversed from previous FDC3 Service Release to be in parity with FDC3 version 1.2 addContextListener parameter order.

Full FDC3 API support

The previous FDC3 service will be deprecated and removed. We expect to deprecate the previous FDC3 service in v20 and to remove support for the FDC3 service in v22.