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Set up your dev environment

Before you can get up and running to configure OpenFin Workspace or build something from scratch using OpenFin Container, you need to set up your development environment.

While both OpenFin Workspace and OpenFin Container support many ways to integrate and connect with applications that are native and non-web, the primary developer experience focuses on connecting modern web applications together in a secure way on the OpenFin platform in Windows 10.

The following list of pre-requisites is needed to effectively leverage OpenFin offering:

In addition to the tools above, many examples demonstrating functionality for either OpenFin Workspace or OpenFin Container contain links to Github and assume git is available to use in the development environment.

With the above tools configured, you are able to run any example code shared in these docs, explore configuring OpenFin Workspace, or get started building your new app from scratch using the OpenFin Container.



MacOS support for OpenFin is currently in development. If you’re interested in becoming beta tester, email [email protected]

I want to get started quickly with OpenFin Workspace
How to get started quickly with Workspace: Workspace quick start.

I need to build content
How to build apps from scratch using the OpenFin Container Platform API.

I need to migrate or integrate .NET and Java Apps
How to use the .NET Adapter or Java Adapter.

I need to Integrate with other platforms

I want to share information with other applications in the OpenFin environment
Get an overview of ways to enable Interoperability overview.

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Set up your dev environment

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