Additional OpenFin Container topics

This section contains articles on OpenFin Container that don't fit easily under the other headings.

In this section

Detect OpenFin support from a web browserHow to detect in your code when your application is running in a web browser or in the OpenFin environment.
Graceful system shutdown on WindowsRecognize when Windows begins the shutdown process, to allow your applications to save state and clean up.
Add a jump list to a taskbar iconCreate a right-click-on-the-task-bar-icon menu of actions for users.
Native windows in snapshotsHow to extend the OpenFin snapshots feature to include the state and window positions of native applications.
Process Info LoggingLogging for processes, windows, views, and memory usage.
Deep linking with fin and fins protocolsDeep links to invoke OpenFin applications.
Manage your own custom protocolCustom schemes in URLs to invoke OpenFin applications.
Connect a USB or HID deviceSecure access to USB and HID devices from OpenFin applications.
The download shelfA web-browser-like download experience for OpenFin applications.