Check Workspace component version

In Workspace 9 and later, you can check the version of Workspace that's running in each Workspace component: Dock, Store, Home, and Notifications. With this information, you can stop the platform if there's a version mismatch, include or exclude features based on version, and more.

How to check the version for Dock, Store, Home

When you register Home, a Storefront, or Dock, a RegistrationMetaInfo object is returned that provides the Workspace and Workspace Platform versions. See, for example, the Workspace API reference documentation for registering Store.

How to check the version for Notifications

The Notifications API includes a ProviderStatus API that lets you retrieve the connections status and version of the Workspace provider. See the Notifications API reference documentation for details.

The API provides two functions:

  • getStatus-- retrieves the connection status and the Workspace version

  • isConnectedToAtLeast -- lets you pass a specific version and compare with the actual Workspace provider