Options for switching workspaces

Starting in Workspace v12.6, the confirmation dialog that's displayed when users switch to a different workspace is available from Store or Home if you choose to add the switch workspace functionality to them. (It's already available from Browser and Dock.) You can control whether the confirmation dialog is displayed.

You can also specify whether to keep a Browser Window open when users switch to a different workspace.

How it works

The applyWorkspace method now lets you specify the following properties:

  • skipPrompt. Default value false. Set to true to apply the workspace without displaying a confirmation dialog to the user.

  • promptContainerWindowIdentity. Default value undefined. Provide child property values to customize where the confirmation dialog appears. If not set, the dialog appears on the user's default monitor.

  • applySnapshotOptions.closeExistingWindows. Default value true. Set to false to keep the workspace platform windows open when the user switches to a different workspace.

For a complete list of options, see the API reference for ApplyWorkspaceOptions

How to do it

Confirmation dialog options:

  // lets you customize where the confirmation dialog appears
  // ignored if `skipPrompt` set to true
  promptContainerWindowIdentity: {
    uuid: 'testPlatform',
    name: 'Test Platform'
  // set to `true` to hide the confirmation dialog when users switch workspaces
  skipPrompt: false

Keep windows open:

  applySnapshotOptions: {
    // keeps the current workspace platform window open when users switch workspaces
    closeExistingWindows: false,