Customize Browser features

In Workspace 6.0 and later, you can customize the behavior of Windows in the OpenFin Browser. In addition to providing custom themes for look and feel, you can now provide granular control over window behavior.



This article explains which window elements you can customize. To customize the entire Browser, you work with the Browser SDK.

Refer to Parts of windows in Browser for an explanation of OpenFin window terminology.

Features you can customize

You can customize the entire window and its elements, the page or pages within a window and their elements, and the toolbar and its elements and options.

Here's what you can customize:


  • Entire window
    • Disable multiple pages, so that only a single page is available in the window
  • Context menu
    • Add or remove menu options
    • Change order of options
    • Edit label of each option


  • Page tabs:
    • Change order
  • Page-tab close control (that is, the "x" icon that closes a page)
    • Hide (default value: Show)
    • Disable (default value: Enable)
  • Context menu (for pages or views)
    • Add or remove menu options
    • Change the order of options
    • Change the label of each option

Browser toolbar control

  • Toolbar control buttons
    • Add, disable, or remove buttons
    • Change the order of options
    • Change the icon associated with each button

Buttons can be completely custom, and clicking them can invoke a callback you define.

  • Color linking control
    • Add or remove color channels
    • Change the order of color channels
    • Change colors of channels
    • Change default colors
    • Edit the tooltip text for each color channel


Most of these options are provided as part of the workspacePlatform property of the BrowserCreateWindowRequest interface.

To customize menu options, you define overrides as part of a BrowserOverrideCallback for your Workspace Platform.

The API reference documentation provides an example for the window context menu, openGlobalContextMenu. You can write similar overrides for the page context menu, openPageTabContextMenu, or for the view context menu, openViewTabContextMenu.

Change defaults for all Windows

You can set the defaultWindowOptions property of the BrowserInitConfig interface to customize the default values of customizable properties for all new Window objects. defaultWindowOptions takes a BrowserCreateWindowRequest object as its value.

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