Sample troubleshooting guide for app startup errors

When an OpenFin-based application fails to start, an OpenFin error dialog box appears with information about the error.
Application providers can configure aspects of this dialog box via properties in the supportInformation object in the application manifest.
Among these options, you can specify a URL for "troubleshooting steps," in the moreInfoUrl option.
The information below provides sample troubleshooting steps that you can adapt to create your own page to link from the error dialog box.
You can use the information below as a starting point, which you can customize based on your environment.

Troubleshooting steps

You most likely found this page because an error occurred when you tried to start the PRODUCT_NAME application.
The page you are reading is linked from the error dialog box that appears for application startup errors.
Here are some steps to try to help you diagnose and possibly resolve the issue.
Review these steps and provide the results to your local desktop administrator.

  1. If you are not physically in a COMPANY_NAME office, are you connected to the virtual private network (VPN)?
    If not, connect to the VPN and try again to start the application.
    (Skip this step if you are physically in an office.)

  2. Are you able to reach other applications on the COMPANY_NAME internal network?

  3. Are you able to reach websites you can normally connect to on the internet?

  4. Are you able to reach the web address shown in the error dialog box?
    Try copying and pasting the web address into a web browser to try to reach it.
    Report any error you see to your local desktop administrator.
    Note that you cannot run this application directly from a web browser; however, the error message can help the desktop administrator understand what is causing the problem.