Use with window features

When you open a new window using the Web API, the OpenFin environment restricts the values that can be passed in the windowFeatures parameter. Specifically, the OpenFin implementation of windowFeatures supports values for window location, size, and resizability.

Starting in version 24, the following values for windowFeatures are supported:

  • width
  • innerWidth
  • height
  • innerHeight
  • left
  • screenX
  • top
  • screenY
  • resizable



Some earlier versions of OpenFin supported the following values: centerscreen, chrome, alwaysRaised and minimizable. These values are no longer supported and code that uses them does not work in version 24 and later.

Windows opened via are also subject to Content creation rules with the Platform API. Therefore, they might be modified or blocked by a rule. Content creation rules take precedence over features passed to