Lock content in Browser

In Workspace 8.0, you can prevent your users from making changes to the content that you provide with OpenFin Workspace. You can lock everything, or you can prevent only specific kinds of change from being made. These settings are part of the workspacePlatform property of the BrowserCreateWindowRequest interface. All settings are off (false — unlocked) by default.

See also the Workspace Platform API reference.

Lock content in Browser windows

Here's what you can control in Browser windows:

  • Whether the user can make any changes to the content in a Browser window. You can lock content at the level of the Browser window so that users cannot make any changes. Represented by the isLocked setting. You can think of this setting as the parent of the more specific settings to prevent page interactions.

WorkspacePlatform.isLocked and its children control only user interactions with Browser window objects. You control user interactions with Page content separately.

  • Whether the user can close pages in a window. Represented by the preventPageClose setting.

  • Whether the user can reorder pages in a window, or move them out of the window completely. Represented by the preventPageDrag setting.

  • Whether the user can move pages into the window. Represented by the preventPageDragIn setting.

  • Whether the user can move pages out of the window. Represented by the preventPageDragOut setting.

Lock content on Browser Pages

To prevent your users from making changes to a Workspace page, you set the isLocked property of the Page interface.

You can also specify whether to display the toolbar button that indicates locked or unlocked page status. This setting is represented by the LockUnlockPageConfig value for the ToolbarButton type. The setting behaves like ToolBarButton.ShowHideTabs -- it is enabled by default, but you can disable it:

toolbarOptions: {
    buttons: [
            // disable the button that indicates whether a page is locked or unlocked
            // you cannot customize this button
            type: WorkspacePlatform.BrowserButtonType.LockUnlockPageConfig,
            disabled: true

For context for this snippet, see the documentation to Customize Browser features.