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Notification Studio Tool

Notification Studio is an OpenFin Maker tool that simplifies creating notifications for Notification Center. With Notification Studio you can do these things:

  • Create notifications with your content and branding.
  • Experiment with and configure notification features.
  • Preview notifications as you change them.
  • Send notifications to Notification Center to see how they look in practice.
  • Copy and paste code for a notification.
  • Maintain a catalog of notifications you commonly use.

The Notification Studio app contains an Editor tab and a Catalog tab. In the Editor tab, as you make changes to the configuration of a notification, you can see the resulting changes in the Preview and Code Preview sub-tabs. In the Catalog tab, you can see notifications that you have saved there, and load them into the Editor tab to modify.

To start Notification Studio, if you have an OpenFin Environment, you can use the following link:

  • fins://cdn.openfin.co/studio/notification/app.json



If you need to make several similar notifications, click the Duplicate icon () to make another instance of the current notification; the new notification is now selected in the editor, ready for you to change it.

Updated 7 months ago

Notification Studio Tool

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