OpenFin FDC3 support

OpenFin has supported FDC3 for several years, but since the release of 19.89.61, we have updated our FDC3 support with the intention of making FDC3 easier for developers to use. What used to be a separate service that required configuration and administration is now built right into our platform offering.

With OpenFin 19.89.61 we introduced FDC3 contexts into our new, easy to use API. With 20.91.63 we introduced FDC3 intents. With 21.93.65 we have full API compliance for FDC3 intents.

Specifics of FDC3 development in OpenFin

OpenFin makes FDC3 application and platform development easier by providing built-in functionality needed by both application developers and platform developers.

OpenFin FDC3 application development

OpenFin simplifies FDC3 application development by providing a built-in DesktopAgent (called the Interop Broker), automatically connecting applications to the Interop Broker, and providing built-in System Channel and App Channel management.

OpenFin FDC3 App Development

OpenFin FDC3 platform development

OpenFin also simplifies platform development by providing the built-in Interop Broker, which handles cross-app communication for you.

OpenFin FDC3 Platform Development

How to enable the new FDC3 support

To enable the updated FDC3 support, set the property 'fdc3InteropApi’ to '1.2’ as part of the 'defaultViewOptions’ or 'defaultWindowOptions’ in your platform manifest. This will inject the FDC3 API into your platform’s Views or Windows.

Example configuration snippet:

  "platform": {
    "uuid": "example_platform",
    "defaultViewOptions": {
      "fdc3InteropApi" : '1.2',

How to migrate from the FDC3 service to the OpenFin FDC3 API

It's a bit of a change to move from a system where you had to do a lot of things yourself, to a system where a lot is taken care of for you. If you'd like to read some of our guidelines on how best to migrate your existing apps from our previous FDC3 service to our current FDC3 service, read How to migrate from the FDC3 service to the OpenFin FDC3 API.

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