Integrate Platform apps with Workspace

In Workspace 8.0, you can directly integrate apps you built with the OpenFin Platform API. You no longer need to wrap them in a Workspace Browser window.

How it works

In earlier versions, you provided overrides to default Workspace behavior by passing overrides to the BrowserInitConfig interface.

In version 8, these overrides still work, but the preferred approach is now to work with a new WorkspacePlatformOverrideCallback you pass to the WorkspacePlatformInitConfig interface. This approach follows the same pattern as the init call of the Platform API, and retains the Browser window functionality of earlier versions.

For override details, see the API reference for details.


To integrate your Platform API app with earlier versions of OpenFin Workspace, your code looked something like:

import { overrideCallback } from "./my-overrides";

fin.Platform.init({ overrideCallback });

In version 8 and later, to work with your Platform API windows you instead write:

import { init } from "@openfin/workspace-platform";
import { overrideCallback } from "./my-overrides";

init({ overrideCallback, browser: null });

You must call browser: null, but this means the Workspace Platform methods that depend on Browser windows are not available. These methods include:

  • All page-related methods of the WorkspacePlatformStorage interface: .createPage, .deletePage, .getPage, .getPages, .savePage, .updatePage

  • All methods of the BrowserWindowFactory interface

  • All methods of the BrowserWindowModule interface