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Quick start: OpenFin Workspace

OpenFin Workspace is a unified space for work, powered by an extensive set of tools designed to help your firm increase productivity and deliver exceptional employee experiences. Key components of Workspace include a keyboard-driven digital assistant for app discovery and search; a browser for displaying content with complex layouts and shared context; and a rich, actionable notification center, experiences that accelerate time to market, and easy-to-use APIs for hyper-customization.

Key concepts

Before you get started with development, here are some key concepts to know.

  • Built by OpenFin: Workspace components are built and managed by OpenFin. We enable customization through configuration.
  • Component hosting: Workspace components are hosted securely on OpenFin’s CDN.
  • Desktop Owner Settings: Workspace can be configured using the OpenFin Desktop Owner Settings file. For example, this allows you to connect Workspace to your own content discovery service.
  • Content Discovery Service: By default, Workspace components are configured to point at OpenFin’s Content Discovery Service, which powers the OpenFin Content Store. You can point Workspace at your own Content Discovery Service hosted on your own infrastructure.
  • Versioning: Each release of Workspace is versioned. You can lock the version of Workspace that you run via Desktop Owner Settings.

Set up your environment for Workspace

To get started, request access to a starter project you can clone from GitHub.

Get access to the starter kit

Follow the setup instructions in the README.

The Content Discovery Service in the example repo provides a local Express server to serve three static JSON files over HTTP GET. Each of these files has a different purpose:

  • dos.json: A sample Desktop Owner Settings file configured to tell Workspace where to find your Content Discovery Service and Workspace Service. Refer to Desktop Owner Settings for complete explanation of everything Desktop Owner Settings are used for (beyond Workspace).
  • apps.json: A sample file that acts as a Content Discovery Service, providing a list of apps that are made available in Workspace. Refer to About Content Discovery Services more detailed explanation of how to use create a Content Discovery Service.
  • workspaces.json: A sample file that acts as a Workspace Service, providing a list of workspaces that are made available in Workspace.

When Workspace starts up, it first looks at the Desktop Owner Settings file (configured in step 3 of the Quick Start project) for:

  • appDirectoryUrl: the location of the Content Discovery Service
  • workspacesUrl: location of the Workspace Service

If Workspace finds these configuration settings, it requests data from the URLs configured instead of from its default endpoints.

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Quick start: OpenFin Workspace

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