Quick start: OpenFin Workspace

Starting with version 4.0, in order to run Workspace, you need a Workspace Platform application, which handles authentication and communication with your back-end systems, and provides data to Workspace components. A Workspace Platform application is one that registers providers through the APIs provided in the Workspace SDK .

OpenFin offers a Workspace Starter repository in GitHub, which contain several example projects demonstrating different use cases for Workspace. You can use one of these as a starting point or example for your own implementation.

To get started, take a look at the Workspace Starter repository and clone it to experiment with it.

Take a look at the Workspace Starter examples

Follow the setup instructions in the README file.


License required

The OpenFin Runtime requires a Container license (see manifest) and the use of Workspace components needs a Workspace license. Please contact us if you would like a developer evaluation key or to talk about a production license.