Clear notifications

How users dismiss or clear notifications

In Workspace version 9.1 and later, the default user interaction to dismiss a notification is changed. In earlier versions, users clicked the body of a toast to dismiss. In Workspace 9.1, users click an x in the upper right corner of the notification instead. Clicking the same x in a notification in Notification Center clears it completely.

Dismissing a notification removes a toast and displays it only in Notification Center. Clearing a notification deletes it entirely from Notification Center. You should be aware of the distinction especially if you set notifications without toasts (that is, only in Notification Center).

Change default notification body interaction

You can override the default behavior and allow the user to dismiss by clicking the body of the notification. Add the following to your notification create function:

const notification = {
 onSelect: {BODY_CLICK: ActionBodyClickType.DISMISS_EVENT}

See the Notifications API reference documentation for details.