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Deep linking


The RVM permits deep linking to an OpenFin application from anywhere that can invoke a “link” like a browser, email client, or another OpenFin application. The RVM uses a custom protocol handler to invoke an application, if not already running, and pass context to a specific location within an OpenFin application via a uniform resource identifier (URI).

In order to leverage the deep linking feature in your application, you must use the “args” object in fin.desktop.main for processing added parameters on launch and the “args” object on the run-requested application event if your application is already running.

Example Deep Link


Example JavaScript

// On application launch parameters are passed through
fin.desktop.main(function(args) { 
   //args parameter contains deep link context
// If the app is already running, parameters are passed through the 
//“run-requested” event 
app.addEventListener("run-requested", function (event) { 
      //args parameter contains deep link context

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Deep linking

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