OpenFin software versions

Historically the components of OpenFin software have had varying release schedules, version numbering schemes, and release channels; an effort is underway to drive consistency across these elements. The OpenFin Versions page is the definitive source for version downloads and release notes.

The following release channels are used:

Beta✓ production-ready✓ production-ready (as of v31)✓ production-ready (as of v11)
Stable✓ production-ready, auto-updated✓ production-ready✓ production-ready
Latest✓ production-ready, auto-updated

The Beta channel is provided for application developers and desktop owners to validate component versions in their own environments. For Workspace, and eventually for all components, the Beta channel is fully-vetted and production-ready. This means that each beta release receives our full automated, manual and regression tests; like the Stable channel, it is updated only if showstopper bugs are discovered. Beta is provided to give customers with external deployments additional time to test prior to their customers upgrading the product. Much like Google with Chrome, OpenFin seeks to minimize any breaking changes in all our products, but must sometimes introduce behavior changes. Therefore, just as OpenFin tests when updating constituent components, customers require the opportunity to test new versions of OpenFin products in their unique environments before rolling out to their users.

Desktop owners can control the version of Workspace via Desktop owner settings. If no Workspace version is specified, installations automatically update to the Stable channel. Desktop owners can also use desktop owner settings to determine the download location for assets for Runtime and RVM; if OpenFin's CDN is used (the default), the RVM version automatically updates to the Latest channel.

In addition to Beta and Stable, the Runtime component has channels for Canary (a daily build), Release Candidate (the candidate for Stable that we're actively testing), and others. Refer to the Versions page for more detail on each of these channels.