Co-deploy Java

OpenFin’s Java Adapter embeds the OpenFin Runtime and RVM in the adapter’s .jar file. Download the necessary Java Adapter .jar file from our repository and include it in your build process along with your other Java assets. Once built, you can deploy your applications via the same methods as other Java applications.

In this article, we show how to deploy an OpenFin application that includes the Java Adapter as an appAssets object.



This approach requires that you must launch your OpenFin application first.

Download and host

Download the necessary Java Adapter .jar file from our repository and host it on your assets server.

Co-Deployment of assets

Co-deployment of assets allows application developers to deploy external native apps and run them using launchExternalProcess. The OpenFin RVM downloads the zip files and extracts them to:



"appAssets": [
      "src": "http://server/",
      "alias": "my-app",
      "version": "",
      "target": "start.bat",
      "args": "--flag=3"
      "src": "http://server/",
      "alias": "foo",
      "version": "",
      "variables": { "abc" : "123", "def" : "456"}

Example properties defined

srcZip file containing the external native app (should include dependencies such as DLLs, etc).
aliasUnique name for the app. This is used in launchExternalProcess.
versionVersion of the package. RVM auto updates the package whenever the version is incremented.
target (optional)Specified which file should be executed. If it’s not specified, the developer must specify it in the launchExternalProcess call.
argsCommand line arguments to send to the app.
variables (optional)Environment variables to set prior to launching the app.