Provide content to Storefront

This is an experimental API.

The OpenFin Storefront API enables platform developers to provide their own storefront implementation to be exposed in the OpenFin Workspace user interface. Software that implements the Storefront API is a storefront provider.

A storefront provider implements the following elements of a storefront:

  • A landing page
  • A footer that appears on all pages of the storefront
  • A list of sections for the sidebar navigation
  • A list of apps to populate the storefront
  • The ability to launch an app

An application must call the Storefront API register() method to register a storefront provider. It can call the show() and hide() methods to show and hide the OpenFin Storefront user interface. These methods await the latest register() call; if register() was not called, they throw an error.

A storefront provider might or might not be an FDC3 app directory. That implementation choice is at the discretion of the application developer.

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