Quick start: Excel integration

This article describes how to get started with using the OpenFin Excel integration with your OpenFin app.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or 10+
  • Microsoft Excel for Windows 2013+

Try out a demo app

OpenFin provides a demonstration of an app that uses the Excel integration, in a GitHub repository. You might find it helpful to run and inspect the demo to gain an understanding of the Excel integration.

The following instructions require that you have installed Node.js and, therefore, npm.

  1. Clone the demo repository on your local Windows system.
  2. In the Command Prompt, navigate to the excel-api-example directory and install the demo package:
    > npm install
  3. (Optional) If you make changes to files in the excel-api-example/src folder, rebuild the project by running the following command:
    > npm run webpack
  4. Start the application:
    > npm start
    A simple HTTP server starts on port 8080, and the demo app launches automatically.

Use the Excel integration in your app

To use the Excel integration API in your app, you need to declare it in the app's manifest, import it on any page that uses it, and initialize it before making other calls to the service.

  • Declare the Excel integration in your app's manifest.
    {"name": "excel"}
  • In each page of your app that uses the service, import it using a script element.
<script src="https://cdn.openfin.co/release/exceljs/4.0.6/client/fin.desktop.Excel.js"></script>

Within your script, ensure that it is running and ready.

await fin.desktop.ExcelService.init();



Place the init() call before any calls in the fin.desktop.Excel namespace.

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