OpenFin’s Excel service enables application providers the ability to integrate their applications with Excel workbooks and sheets running on the same machine. The Excel service provides two-way communication between Excel and your OpenFin applications. Demo available here.


OpenFin's Excel Service provides a wide variety of functionality for Financial application use cases and execution workflows. Most notably the Excel Service provides the ability to

  • Create & Open Worksheets / Workbooks
  • Write to & Read from a Worksheet
  • Select Cells & Set Ranges
  • Save worksheets
  • Subscribe to events
    Visit our Excel API Docs for a complete list of supported functions.

Excel Demo & Project Files

The following Demo demonstrates basic features of the OpenFin Excel Service.

Demo Installer


Excel Demo

1 - Download & run the installer (Windows only)
2 - OpenFin application launches and connects to Excel if it is already running or presents the option to launch Excel.
3 - Once Excel is running, you can create or open existing workbooks and observe two-way data synchronization between Excel and the demo application.

The following Project contains the necessary information to run/build locally and API documentation.



  • Windows version of Excel 2013 or later

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