Semantic Versioning


OpenFin’s Runtime Version Manager (RVM) supports semantic versioning for applications tested and verified to run in multiple OpenFin Runtime versions. This feature is especially useful for application providers who need to target OpenFin Runtimes that are hosted within a desktop owner’s environment. In these cases, it possible that a desktop owner is only hosting 4-6 approved Runtime versions for use within their infrastructure.


Application providers can designate the valid versions utilizing two sets of operators in the version property of the Runtime object of their application config:

WildCard (*)

To be used in any digit grouping and with a partial version of the Runtime. Using indicates to the RVM to obtain the greatest available version for that specified grouping + wildcard. For example, 5.44.12. retrieves when utilizing OpenFin’s CDN to host your Runtime assets because that is the greatest available version.

"assetsUrl": "",
"runtime": {
    "version": "5.44.12.*",

Greater Than Or Equals To (>=)

To be used before the first digit of a version and can be used with a partial version. Using >= indicates to the RVM to obtain the greatest available version, with consideration to a minimum version. For example, >=5 retrieves when utilizing OpenFin’s CDN to host your runtime assets.

"assetsUrl": "",
"runtime": {
    "version": ">=5",

Visit our Runtime versions page for a list of available ‘stable’ Runtime versions.

More examples…

Operators Semantic Version Retrieved Version
* 5.44.7.*
* 5.44.*
* 5.*
* 6.49.12.*
* 6.*
>= >=5.44.12
>= >=6.49.12
>= >=6

Note: Dated Information

These examples are based on the assetsUrl in your application config pointing to OpenFin’s CDN as of Dec 20, 2016.

Runtime version file

If, as an application owner, you are hosting your own assets and desire to take advantage of semantic versioning, a file of all available runtime versions needs to be specified under the location where you store OpenFin runtime assets.


The file must contain all available versions separated by a new line. Here is an example set from OpenFin’s Runtime Versions file, located here.

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What's Next

For more information about hosting your own assets, please see our documentation on Hosting Assets.

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Semantic Versioning

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