Get started with Notification Center

OpenFin Notification Center includes an API enabling you to create and organize of uniform desktop notifications. Notifications are a great way to enhance an end-user’s experience with an OpenFin application, while ensuring that the user’s attention is drawn to pertinent and actionable tasks.

The Notification Center application organizes notifications into a central location for ease of access. Users can easily discover their notifications through search and sort (by date-time and priority) functions and configure desktop level settings (such as location). The Notification Center app ships along side your application when included in your project and is accessible via a Notification icon in the Windows System Tray.

Use this API and the Notification Center app to:

  • Create persistent notification toasts
  • Attach event handlers for click or close events
  • Launch OpenFin applications currently hidden or closed on the desktop
  • Style a notification’s content with markdown and images
  • Create small forms to collect user responses

System requirements

Set up

Add the package as a dependency for your app:
> npm install openfin-notifications



  • The npm library is updated when the API is changed.
  • Updating the npm library does not update the version of the Notification Center app.


Create a basic notification

Once your app has the library installed, you can create a simple notification with title, body, and category properties. Copy and paste the following code into your app, and call it.

import {create} from 'openfin-notifications'; 

  title: 'Hello!', 
  body: 'This is your first notification', 
  category: 'Greetings', 

For more details, refer to Buttons within a notification.

Refer to the articles under Notification styles for information about features you can use in notifications.

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