Workspace 3.0 and earlier

Version 4.0 of OpenFin Workspace introduced some significant changes to the architecture and function of the Workspace product.

The following table describes these differences.


3.0 and earlier

4.0 and later

Start up

Users launch individual Workspace components, such as Home or Notification Center.

Users launch a Workspace platform application, which in turn launches components programmatically if it is designed to use them.


Workspace is customizable through application settings, typically defined in JSON.

Providing content

Customers can provide a Content Discovery Service to offer apps and content to end-users.

The Workspace SDK provides a flexible set of APIs to enable content to be exposed in Home via, to be offered in a custom Storefront, and to deliver notifications about news and events within applications.

The articles in this category pertain to Workspace versions 3.0 and earlier.

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